RoTR Pathfinder Campaign

The Swallowtail Festival

The Swallowtail Festival

The crowd is welcomed to the festival by the Mayor of Sandpoint, and several other important members of the citizenry. The temple is being built after the previous one was burned to the ground, under mysterious circumstances. It will be dedicated to several important deities, in a ceremony to be conducted later in the afternoon. The crowd disperses to enjoy the various games and events offered at the festival.

- Fletcher definitively wins the “Kill the Sandpoint Devil” Archery Competition. Gets a lead on possible employment with the town watch.

- Pad, along with his friends, competes in a tense bout with the Boggun brothers. Pad is the last member of his team standing, and wins the match.

- Kelvin does some final adjustments on one of the exterior doors of the temple, and hurries back to his lodgings to get changed.

- Bumpus delivers a turkey leg to his archaeologist friend, Brodert.

- Mannis completely annihilates all competition in the Battle Arena. Encounters Orik, another skilled fighter with connections to the “underground”. They only see each other across the road. It’s obvious that each is a warrior not to be trifled with.

After the festivities, the townspeople gather back in the square adjoining the temple. The official convocation is a symbol of Sandpoint overcoming the dark times that have hung over the town the past few years. This solemn occasion is suddenly interrupted by the sounds of screams.


The crowd scatters in terror as a grinning mass of gibbering goblins caper into the square. They are viciously armed with crude weapons and are accompanied by their hideous rodent-like hounds. The sounds of screams can be heard from several directions—a full scale attack of Sandpoint is under way.

The town watch being otherwise occupied, six members of the crowd take it upon themselves to join the fray with the vile goblins.

Guess who?

The sellsword, Mannis, brutally dispatches a brace of goblins before disappearing into a nearby building. Alister takes his place beside Bumpus, casting spells in his defense. Kelvin steps forward boldly, trusting in the strength of his armor’s steel and the strength of his faith in Nomus. Fletcher coolly knocks an arrow. Pad panics momentarily, but quickly scrounges a shortsword from one of the slain goblins.

While inside the lodging, Mannis encounters Orik again and hears the sounds of struggle coming from upstairs. Orik encourages the stout fighter to leave. Mannis disagrees and attacks. After a brief, but bloody exchange in the narrow confines of the hallway—Mannis is convinced that he has proven his worth to the “competition” and exits back into the street. The two warriors realize that no one will gain anything from this fight, exchange names and part. Mannis arrives just in time to receive some emergency healing from the cleric. The six defenders of Sandpoint grit their teeth as another wave of goblins enters the square.

With their combined martial, arcane, divine AND vocal might -the six make short work of these goblins. They wipe the sweat and blood from their brows and rush towards the city gates where the sounds of combat are strongest. The foul childlike songs of the goblin shamans hang in the air. Pad is covered with a sickly sweat of remembered terror – but draws strength from the confidence of his companions.

The goblin dogs and their masters are ill prepared for the assault of defenders – especially as Kelvin infuses the sell-sword Mannis with the might of Nomus, nearly doubling his size. The bard, Bumpus, begins singing a magical song of courage; infusing his comrades with the energy to succeed. The archer, Fletcher, is quickly occupied with two snipers on a nearby roof – a goblin and a bugbear. Alister expends the last of his arcane power, never straying far from the side of his charge. Pad dispenses a few brutal attacks to unsuspecting goblins.

The giant-sized Mannis makes short work of the remaining goblins. The bugbear flees, leaving the lone goblin sniper to face the party’s concerted assault.

Goblins defeated, the Sandpoint Six are quickly joined by the other defenders of the city – including the Sheriff, and Father Zanthus, the overseer of the temple. The goblin attack was short, and contained fairly quickly. In the aftermath the party learns that two graves were violated – and Sister Lynn was murdered by unknown attackers.



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