RoTR Pathfinder Campaign

The Harrowing

Padrick “Pad” Pelton Harrowing Role Card: The Juggler

A young acrobat with a head full of nightmares.

Son of simple farmers, Pad spends his days trying to focus on his training. The underbelly of Sandpoint is his gymnasium as he seeks to master the skills of a master thief. Anything is better than remembering. The “recent Unpleasantness” has left its dark mark on him.

Pad comes to the Swallowtail Festival, along with his friends Vic and Percy, to compete in the Arena versus their old rivals, the Boggun Brothers.

Kelvin Mason Harrowing Role Card: The Carnival

Devoted cleric of a forgotten god.

Kelvin has spent the last several months in Sandpoint, assisting with the construction of the new temple. Although his god, Nomus, is officially unrepresented in the temple – he has taken great satisfaction in the simple task of the build – along with quietly placing the symbol of Nomus in several unobtrusive places around the temple. The cleric owes his god a great deal – and knows that this task is part of his penance.

The morning of the Swallowtail Festival, he is awoken by the overweight, mentally unstable acolyte of Desna, Sister Linn. The cleric makes a beeline to the local inn for a late breakfast. Kelvin meets a weary traveler and buys him breakfast. Fletcher Green is dragged along to view the soon-to-be-opened temple,.

Fletcher Greene

Harrowing Role Card: The Survivor

Keen-eyed archer, refusing to look backwards.

After days of traveling on foot, Fletcher arrives in Sandpoint. His excellent skills as a marksman have kept him fed, but he is desperately sick of rabbit. The ranger has come to Sandpoint to find work and put his past behind him.

He meets Kelvin, at the White Deer Inn. After a hearty breakfast [no rabbit], the proud cleric drags the newcomer to the site of the newly constructed temple.

Bumpus Windsong

Harrowing Role Card: The Unicorn

A beam of sunlight in a grey world.

With money to burn, charm to spare, and curiosity to appease – Bumpus arrived in Sandpoint, just a few days ago. He has split his time between the Rusty Dragon and the library of irascible town scholar, Brodert.

The young bard has quickly become extremely popular with the townspeople, especially Ameiko, a fellow bard who runs the Rusty Dragon.

Bumpus enjoys a leisurely brunch – briefly with Aldern , a wealthy traveler – and then with Alister. The two strike up an immediate accord, and agree to take in the sights of the festival together.

Mannis Malocci

Harrowing Role Card: The Uprising

Sword for hire. Secrets beyond price.

This uncouth sell-sword is in town looking for trouble. Trouble that pays him in hard currency. Using his connections in the Sczarni, he has been laying low at the seedy dive, The Fatman’s Feedbag.

Seeking a chance to display his brutal efficiency with the greatsword, Mannis heads to the Swallowtail Festival to take part in some “honest” competition.

“Alister Wise”

Harrowing Role Card: The Foreign Trader

The past doesn’t matter, only the gold in his purse.

Alister has earned a reputation in the vast city of Magnimar as someone who can be trusted to handle difficult situations. Calmly, carefully, and cleanly.

The sorcerer has been hired to come to Sandpoint for one reason: Defend the health and family name of Bumpus Windsong. Contracted by the bard’s influential father, Alister is to protect Bumpus…while keeping his employer apprised of all his movements and actions.

The sorcerer arranges a “chance” meeting with Bumpus, and invites himself along with the bard to view the festivities. Before leaving, Alister writes a message to his employer : Target acquired.



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