RoTR Pathfinder Campaign

Rats in the Basement

Player Characters: Kelvin, Mannis, Pad, Fletcher, Alister, Bumpus.

Prelude One: Mannis remembers an ordinary day with his family. Sitting around a warehouse, plotting extortion and larceny. Mannis’ mother arrives home from a trip, with a new acquisition. She has returned with an ornate scimitar etched with strange runes and odd designs. She gives her son and daughter a big hug, and returns to the affairs of a busy crime syndicate.

Prelude Two: Kelvin remembers that he probably shouldn’t be spending time in the General Store’s basement with the shopkeep’s daughter. As he squeezes through the small window leading from the basement to the street, he offers a swift prayer to Nomus asking for forgiveness, accompanied by some strong vows that he will never do it again – for a while.

The town is bristling with repressed energy and anxiety. The unwelcome arrival of the Order of the Nail is a serious topic of conversation and concern. This sinister group of knights were dispatched from the nearby metropolis of Magnimar to bring order to the town after the recent goblin attacks. They are heavily armored, short tempered and far more concerned with the law being obeyed by the citizens of Sandpoint then searching for the causes of the invasion. They have already arrested townspeople for innocuous offenses, but are becoming even more agitated after the sudden attack of two Hellknights by an unknown assailant. One died in the attack, the other hangs to life in the care of the Temple’s clerics.

Bumpus skips into the common room of the Rusty Dragon for breakfast, discovering the cleric, Kelvin, slumped over the bar asleep. Kelvin had spent most of the previous week toiling in the smithy, attempting to improve his longsword. Last night, the bard found him sitting outside the smithy, covered with soot, and cradling his longsword like a dying child. Apparently the cleric’s toils had been in vain. To mourn the loss, Bumpus insisted they have a few drinks. Kelvin fervently agreed.

As the cleric blearily wipes bar pretzels out of his hair, they are joined by the mage, Alister. They are drawn into the street by sounds of commotion. Following the crowd, they meet up with Pad and Fletcher – each looking slightly the worse for wear. The Hellknights are conducting a public execution of the criminal Pale Dogs that the party had brought into custody earlier in the week. Pad and Fletcher seem nonplussed, and quietly tell the others they have a lot to tell them after their meeting with the Sheriff.

Bumpus and Kelvin trade a look. They wordlessly agree to not tell the other three that they completely forgot about the meeting.

The meeting with the Sheriff Hemlock is short and to the point. He asks them to become temporary deputies, while he travels to Magnimar. The Hellknights are becoming far more of a problem then a boon in dealing with the unrest in Sandpoint. He gives them a writ of authority, and asks that they come up with a name for their group to go on the charter. He also introduces them to an Elven hunter, Shalelu, who has a great deal of experience with the local goblin tribes. She informs the group that she plans to investigate further, but it is extremely unlikely and disturbing that all five goblin tribes have joined together. To her knowledge this has never happened before.

The five adventurers leave, and head for Kelvin and Fletcher’s lodgings overlooking the Temple Square. Kelvin, Bumpus and Alister are surprised to discover Pad’s younger sister sleeping deeply in the room. The ranger and the rogue offer a belated explanation. [See Pathfinder Game Three : Memories and Masks.]

Disturbed by the implications, the group quickly gets Kaylee Pelton out of Sandpoint. [After Bumpus has some time to disguise her features.] Afterwards they meet with Lector Tavik, the commander of the Hellknight contingent. After some tense introductions, he thanks them for their help and dispatches a squad to deal with the site of evil, from Fletcher and Pad’s experiences on the previous night.

The immediate crisis managed, the group makes their way back to the Rusty Dragon for a late dinner. They are met by Bethana, frantic with worry about her missing mistress, Amiko. She pushes a crumpled note into the party’s hands and informs them that the mistress of the Rusty Dragon has been missing since last night. Bumpus swiftly translates the foreign text – she was supposed to meet her brother at their father’s Glassworks the previous midnight. Wasting no time, the five adventurers made their way to the foreboding factory.

Discovering the exterior doors of the factory locked, Pad displayed some surprising skills he had “picked up while apprenticing for the Sandpoint Locksmith” and the team slipped inside. The ominous sounds of creaking machinery, and scattered laughter sounded thinly through the walls. After their harrowing experience of the previous night, Pad and Fletcher were almost expecting the horror they found – Kelvin was caught completely agog. Bumpus’ sharp ears had hinted at madness ahead.

Corpses. Body parts. Amiko’s father entombed in molten glass.

And goblins. Lots and lots of goblins.

Sorely missing the battle prowess of the sellsword, Malocci, the team set to work. Aided by the never-ending trickiness of the bard, and the dead aim of the ranger the group is making headway – until another wave of goblins pours into the room, accompanied by a laconic half-elf. He is quickly identified as Tsuto, Amiko’s half-brother.

With a suprising tactical use of livestock and arcane might, the heroes make quick work of the goblins and their leader. Tsuto, having been blinded, stunned, hypnotized, bound with rope and realizing his shin has been pierced by arrows surrenders to unconsciousness without landing a blow. The team quickly search the Glassworks discovering three things.

1. Captive, but alive, Amiko.

2. The journal of the malevolent half-elf, Tsuto.

3. A crude tunnel descending into the earth, reeking of goblin filth.

The party has discovered the goblin assault’s method of entering Sandpoint. The journal sheds even more light on the attack, while presenting some troubling possibilities for the future. The five adventurers take Tsuto into custody, with plans to return soon and investigate the foul tunnel.

Epilogue: Mannis remembers that Foxglove had promised light work for long pay. What he got was a strange house filled with strange quarry. This “short trip to Magnimar” is already more than he bargained for. He is to aid Foxglove and his manservant, Rogors in capturing four strange beasts that infest the area. The first creature is a vile rat-like creature, dripping with pus and open sores. The sellsword recalculates his price upwards.



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