RoTR Pathfinder Campaign

Dark Work, Pale Dogs

Player Characters: Mannis Malloci, Kelvin Mason, Fletcher Greene, Bumpus Windsong

The morning after the goblin assault, our heroes find themselves acclaimed as the heroes of Sandpoint. All of them are exhausted, Kelvin and Fletcher from assisting with rescue operations – Bumpus from drinking – Mannis from looting.

Mannis’ cousin, Jubrayl is elated. The positive sentiment flowing towards the scarred sword-for-hire will be extremely useful. Jubrayl tells Mannis of some looting that took place during the attack, perpetrated by a rival organization, the Pale Dogs. The main bulk of the Pale Dogs are based out of Magnimar, Jubrayl believes this is an advance group – sent to start muscling in on his territory. He instructs Mannis to deliver a swift response, and assures him of a lucrative payoff once the task is completed.

The two Sczarni are interrupted by the arrival of Kelvin, Fletcher and Bumpus. They are concerned about the well-being of their comrade, and the cleric needs to know what Mannis witnessed during the battle. Mannis reports hearing a loud struggle in the rooms of the troubled woman, Sister Linn, and suggests that the Pale Dogs were responsible.

Disgusted by the reports of looting, the weary heroes head for the Hagfish Inn – reported hangout of their quarry.

The Hagfish reeks of spilled grog and sea-filth. After a long moment considering their mortality and the inn’s namesake, Nora – the group accosts two of the Pale Dogs. Two interrogations, a severed finger, and a fierce blow to the back of the head later they find their way to the seamy warehouse that houses the gang’s illicit activities.

The Pale Dogs were ill-prepared for the wrath of the sellsword, Mannis. Bolstered by the spells, arrows and songs of the others, the brute warrior plowed through his opponents, leaving the wooden floor of the warehouse red with both his and their blood. The rafters rang with his declaration “ The Pale Dogs are NOT WELCOME IN THIS TOWN!”.

After dispatching all resistance, the team put into custody the only surviving member of the Pale Dogs splinter group. The Sherriff thanked them for their assistance, and the weary warriors congratulated themselves on a job well done. Mannis was congratulated further by the large bounty he collected later from his pleased cousin.



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